Facts About Google that You Won’t Find in Google

Thinking you’re a Google champ? But being just a google search savy is not enough. There’s a lot more to how much you know about it.

1.Co-founders  Larry page and Sergey Brin originally named google ‘Backrub’. Thankfully it changed!

2.Google religiously rents goats to mow the lawns . Employees confirm that it soothens them to see goats outside the windows.

3. Google owns common misspellings of its own names. Such as www.gogle.com , www.googlr.com. Isn’t that cool?

4. Google employees residing in the US get benefits after death too. Their spouse gets an allowance of half of their salary every year for almost a decade. Well, Google is dream afterall !

5. Recently some core Google services went down for about 5 minutes. Which led to a drop of about 40 % of worldwide internet traffic.

6. Brin and Page thought of calling google as ‘what box’. But the idea was eventaully dropped as wet box sounded like some kind of ‘porn’.

7.Google pays Mozilla millions of dollars a year as firefox web browser uses Google as the default search provider.

8. Well did you know? Google encourages its employee to use 20% of their own projects. Google news, Orkut are such examples.

9. Presently 47,756 are working for Google and the new employees are called ‘NOGGLERS’.

10. Google’s annual income is greater than 50 billion dollars.


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