How Google WiFi is Changing The Way You Surf Internet

Say goodbye to all your slow internet streaming issues that cause slow playback speed and a lack of adequate bandwidth. Google is all set to introduce its own wifi router to rescue you from these common wifi problems. Don’t believe? Well, then take a look !!

Coverage is way better.

People have tested and tried the connectivity of the google’s wifi router and are impressed with its speed and connectivity at any corner of the house.

Can change your device anytime.

If you need to share your wifi with your guests, you can easily create a new network and add specific devices within the network.

Easy to add any specific device anytime.

If you have a match coming up and you just wish to stream it on a particular device. You can just allot that time and device and mark it a priority.


You can always keep an eye on the bandwidth withdrawal by all the connected device.

This provision is quite cool. If you are skeptical about the unfettered use of the internet by your children you can simply group the devices in the settings and pause the devices your children are using.


You will love it’s amazing outlook.

Most wifi routers look boring, but this has a subtle elegance of the design, it’s a matte white, squat cylinder with a light ring in the middle which lights up white when everything is fine and emits orange light if there’s any problem creeping up.

The setup and installation is blissfully easy.

You just need to unbox the whole unit. Connect the google wifi to your router. Now when you have connected the wifi to the router seemingly everything has been done. Using the google wifi smartphone app ios, scan the QR code present at the base of the unit and name it. Choose a password and Holla !! you are done !


Some amazing features.

This google wifi has extra features like network assist that keeps running in the background in order to make you sure that you are on the best wifi case if you want to download a software for your laptop fast, it can also prioritize a connected device handy.


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