‘Main Kya pagal hoon?’ – Probably Yes!! Signs You Need Mental Health Treatment

‘Kya main pagal hoon?’ Stop asking this to the world as the world will only rejoice your problems and not solve them. It’s your life and you know yourself much better.  Depression, anxiety , frustrations are some common parts of life and it’s never too late and bad to seek a psychiatric help in order to bring back your older rejuvenated selves. Here are some mental conditions and symptoms that will help you identify if you need any help or not.

Continuous, impulsive mood swings

When you suffer from an erratic mood swings,one minute you are happy and at the other you turn up all depressed and frustrated that makes you a bipolar personality. It’s high time you should think of seeking any professional’s help. The consumption of various Drugs, alcohol, pills in order to numb that emotional pain often leads to continuous mood disorders.  

Being gloomy all the time.

While occasionally being sad or frustrated due to various life circumstances are quite acceptable and fine. But if the depression and anxiety has been a regular part of your life which leads to insomnia, indigestion and severe health and mental problems, you should right away ask for a psychiatric help.

Depression and anxiety followed by overthinking.

Overthinking is a common symptom and it’s part are : obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder and phobias. The constant presence of overthinking leads to anxiety that creates many problems in our daily life functionality. So, if you feel your daily routine is being interrupted by overthinking there’s no problem in seeing a doctor.

When you haven’t moved on.

sometimes , it so happens that a certain incident creates a negative impact upon your mind and you are just not able to get over it. Many people face difficulty to cope up with sudden incidents like divorce, their loved one’s death, loss of a job or situations like that. It’s more like a trauma for them when the situations take a toll on them. In these cases all they want iws to get rid of those memories and it’s never too late to get a psychiatric help in order to free yourself up of everything that troubles you.  

The idea of escape for you is to suicide.

When all you can think of is to end up your life and suicide to get rid of everything that has been messing up your head. Well, it’s a big red flag of depression and a major sign that you right away need to see a doctor because suicide is never a solution to any problem not even for the adverse ones .

Drugs and pills have become your go to method to avoid the emotional pain.

When you turn to things outside yourself in a desperate attempt to cope, it usually signals the presence of a serious underlying problem. The use of substances or activities as a means of escape can lead to substance abuse and other addictive disorders. Instead of alcohol or drugs, some people rely on gambling, sex or other behaviors that spiral out of control until they become addictive and negatively impact life.

Loss of a closed one.

The void that has occured due to the  loss of someone or something that was once very close to your heart fills you with ache and loneliness which results into depression, you constantly need someone to listen to you and talk to you and when you don’t get one , it turns out to be really frustration. In that case a psychiatric help will be the best option for you to be heard and understood.

Your favourite past times are no more fun to you.

Have you stopped meeting your friends and chit chatting with them over the phone, or attending the zumba classes or the activities you once craved to do on the weekends because you just don’t feel like doing it anymore. well, then this is one of the warning signs for you to seek help.

Thus, as the cliched line goes, “ It’s never too late to seek any help”. Free yourself from all the obstacles and live your life to the fullest. Coz you only get one. Right ??


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