Top 20 Funny or Worst Excuses for Being Late to Work

Twice or thrice it so happens in the week when your goodnight sleep extends to a goodmorning one or your husband’s testosterone level suddenly shoots up and for the next one hour you have no choice but to go on a roller coaster ride with him. That eventually results into you turning up late at work. Here are some hilarious excuses you must try next time you land up late at office !!     


1.My dad made me a grilled cheese sandwich, and  I couldn’t break his heart by saying a no to it.


  1. I overslept as my notorious kids changed all the clocks in the house.”

    poor kids !! we’re not sure how their little hands could reach the wall clocks.


  1. “I thought it was the weekend.”

    well that’s the side effects of partying hard on a Sunday night.


  1. Late Night sleep:
    Many employees come up with this excuse that they were awake till late night because their wives were watching movies, some say that police showed up in the club when they were partying till late night. With all these reasons they also not forget to mention that since they were really  tired , they forgot to keep their alarm and hence got late. 
  2. Wrong time on phone:

    iPhone time can also rescue you from the wrath of your boss . An employee came up with this hilarious excuse that his iPhone shows wrong time as it must have been set wrong when he went out for the vacations last winters.

    6. Unexpected relatives


Many employees suddenly turns up to be the great host when they are late to work. They say that relatives arrived their home unannounced and they had to suddenly prepare breakfast for them as they didn’t want to appear as a bad host by not serving them properly. Afterall “ Atithi Devo bhavah” !!!


  1. Dryer busted:
    from the many funny excuses, this one has been the most unique one of all. A female employee got late to work and told her manager that her hair dryer was shorted out and she couldn’t leave the house with wet hair as that damages the hair

    8. Dirty clothes:


Some employes run short of clean clothes just when they set out for work. And how could they arrive office in those dirty,  messy shirts? They need to be washed then and there no??

9. Blaming pets:

Even pets have not been spared. According to an employee, he had to chase the dog around the neighborhood as he ran away with the car keys Thus, getting it back  made him late to office.

10. Wrong shoes, wrong timing.

The most common yet funnier excuse. Employees say that they set out to work from home in wrong shoes, so they had to take a u- turn to home which of course made them late. !!!

11. Wet clothes:

The employee mentions that their dress got all drenched and messed up in rain so, they had to return and change.

12. Lost wallet :

Women come up saying that their kids hid their wallets and it took a hard time to find it back which ofcourse makes them turn up late at office.

13. Bear attacked the car:

This is one of the funny reasons where the employee expresses the reason saying that a bear blocked and attacked the car. Many employees also presented the photographic proof for the same.

14. Driveway disappeared:

You will often notice many employees come up saying that the driveway got  washed away by the heavy rain and they were unable to find it. This made them turn up office late. I guess it’s one of the most considerable excuses.Isn’t it?

15. A much needed another shower:

An employee said that he fell with his bike near the dumpyard and he couldn’t arrive office without cleaning himself and having an another shower. Afterall “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

16. Locked indoors:

With the numerous reasons, this can also be considered as a funny reason. The employee was by mistake locked up inside the house, so the employee had to seek their neighbours help in order to get out and was late for work.

17. Trying solar power scooter:

A funny reason stated by an  employee was that he was coming to office on his new experimental eco friendly solar power scooter, where suddenly it started raining and the whole plan was ruined. This made him late to work.


  1. Well I was 15 mins early yesterday so it evens out today.


19.“I tried calling you but my phone was turned off alas!! I forget to pay the bill.

20.“I felt I was sick as soon as I got up and wanted to be sure, but thankfully I wasn’t.”


Which one are you gonna try this monday ??


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