50 Facebook Comments That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

How many of you too love to scroll through the post and read the comments in the section below? well, I’m a big sucker for those comments and no matter how tired I am, I definitely make it a point to explore hilarious comments that tickle my funny bones and makes me laugh my heart out. Thus, here are some amazingly funny posts, comments and texts you will go nuts laughing while going through it.


1.Poor Pandit ji


  1. True sharks are better than humans.


  1. What she is not a girl?


  1. What ? can you drape your saree this way ?


  1. When you are just too bored with the remakes.


6.And this famous romantic quote is no longer romantic.

  1. Lol, that’s some harsh truth.

  1. What is this fucking logic?


  1. All she could think of doing first was to post on social media


  1. Asshole



  1. A revolutionary wireless headphone. Will you buy one?


  1. Poor Leonardo.


  1. What comes around goes again in the bin.


  1. When you just hate Bieber


  1. Yes, things can have a different angle too.



  1. Lol !!!



  1. Pheww.



  1. I-Phone is a status symbol after all


  1. Jealous ?? is he ?


  1. Hahaha !! A new theory.


  1. Correct grammar can restore your “happiness”


  1. That really awkward



  1. Trolling at its best https://www.groundzeroweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Funniest-Facebook-Comments-10.jpg


  1. Are all mother in laws the same?



25.Atleast use a proper logic.



  1. Still, women are stronger.


  1. At least you both could have asked for different lips.

  1. A perfect dig.


  1. Well, showing off is not that bad!

  1. Seemingly lucky.

  1. Always mind your background.

  1. Again, please do a background check.






  1. That’s some really late


  1. I just hate autocorrects



  1. When you are a party freak.


  1. This is just insane.


  1. When you literally wanna ignore.


  1. Autocorrect is sometimes just so bizzare



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