You Must Not Check These Disturbing Channels on YouTube

Well, Youtube is a heap of collective unconscious. You just need to dig into it and find what suits and amazes yo and yes disturbs you too. The most disturbing channels on youtube features a man who becomes a dog or a shock artist from Japan. Here are some creepy youtube channels you need to have a look at.  

1.Larry Carlson

A graduate of Copper Union School of art in New York City, Larry’s only goal is to create trippy works. He has left no stone unturned in presenting his art to the world. A sucker of surrealism and mysticism Larry has been showcasing his talent through multiple mediums, video, photography, print, collage, and music. He has been uploading these videos way back from 2006. Some of Larry’s most disturbing videos are : “ In your cube”. A numerous series of trippy, colorful faces which immediately starts to blend together speaking nonsensically behind these psychedelic patterns.



You will find so much of Nana’s channel full of absurd, creepy, horrible and nonsensical videos. Nana825763 has been uploading these videos on Youtube since 2006. His videos are based on the famous concept of hell. Nana825763 most disturbing video” Mr, East Loves Mom” which features a cute baby that suddenly starts screaming and the screen gets all messed up and in between everything you will get to hear the beep of a heart monitor .


Jillian Mayer.

This American artist, is more keen in exploring our dependency on modern technologies in a way that often leaves the viewers stupefied. Her art has been featured all around the globe. Her best work “ I am your grandma” has been a major hit. Her most disturbing video “Day chip” shows a young woman and her friend who are lounging around, performing some bizarre ritual. Suddenly the another woman take out a box cutter and shove it into his forehead. The injured woman after waking up finds that a numerous numbers of computer chip has been put into her forehead which she later uses to access images on the internet.


Vikram yadav

An Indian doctor who constantly uploads his videos of his medical journey. His channel is full of every medical problems. From pimple to acidity. His videos are informative but mostly disgusting. Yadav has been uploading these videos from four years every sunday and wednesday.  His most disturbing videos “ Severe dog bites and abscess drained” that shows a girl who has a big pimple around her ear and whose scalp is teared apart buy a dog. Thus, Yadav helps him by draining all the blood, pus and ooze out of it giving her some relief.

Rubber fruit.

Rubber fruit’s videos are not only confusing but disappointing too. His most confusing video” Spy gets his driver’s license”  features a pink car in a desert with some army robots. Suddenly some friends arrive to warn spy from danger. He is eaten by a giant wario head as soon as he turns around.


David firth

This British animator has garnered quite a popularity in the UK because of his horrible, strange cartoons. Firth has been uploading videos from 2006. His most disturbing video “ Dog of a man”  features a man who is jealous of his house plants growth. His dog who talks in English with the help of a device advises him to buy some “ tumor seed” which he later plant in his own body . They obviously turns out to be so large , so the dog offers him his own body to the man. The man later, shoves the dog’s head and limbs and puts them with his own.


  1. Onkelsaft.

This channel created only six videos in 2012. The videos basically follow the same format and is based on Norway. There’s not much information about this channel. All we got to know about it from an interview with the creator featured in the Norwegian news outlet.


  1. Benjamin Bennett

Since 2003, This channel has been uploading the videos, featuring a man who goofily smiles at the camera. Well, this man is the star of the show Benjamin Bennett. He continuously sits at the camera without even moving once and smile for about 4 hours. Till now he has managed to produce 275 videos by just staring and grinning. This curious smile of him has fetched him around 130, 000 subscribers.


  1. 2h32

Not much has still been figured out about this channel so far. But this channel has been posting absurd videos since 2016. Consistently posting one video per month that counts down to 2: 32 am , this channel features the kidnapping of an unknown man. The helpless screams and noises makes us feel unstable.The perfect use of such horrible sounds creates anxiety, and leaves you all fearful.


  1. Takata Fuyuhiko

The creator of this channel is a Japanese artist Takata Fuyuhiko. His channel is full of videos that features narcissim and humanities voyeuristic tendencies. Many of his videos are age restricted. It’s worth checking it, if you can spare a minute.


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