The Uncommon Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Other than the known phobias, there are phobias that are completely going to leave you shocked. There are the phobias of literally everything in the world. Just read below and see if you have any.

1.Arithmophobia :
the fear of numbers. That’s why probably you always hated maths.

The fear of the moon. Yes, people have that too.

When youth interests you no more.


The fear of different opinions.


5. Octophobia
Well, this one is quite scary, it’s the fear from number 8.


Well, it’s a nightmare for teenagers. It’s the fear from wet dreams.


Have you ever heard about the fear of writing in public? Well, it’s scriptophobia.


The fear from the no 666.


9. Francophobia
Well, you have this if you are afraid of french culture or anything related to France.


10. Sesquipedalophobia
Well, it’s the fear of long words.


When you have the fear of clowns.


Well, that’s really sad if you have it. It’s the fear from beautiful women. I’m wondering who has that ?


13. Dextrophobia
This mostly happens when you fear things that are placed to your right.


Do you hate or fear the music of flute ? well, its Aulophobia.


15. Samhainophobia
It happens when you are just so afraid of Halloween


It happens when you fear the color purple.


When you just wanna shoo away the cupid. This is the fear from falling in love.



Well, this means you can have no more noodles as it’s the fear of chopsticks.



Now I know why some people are always so afraid of fools.



20. Liticaphobia
Well, it’s the fear of having lawsuits.


21. Metrophobia
When you just so fear hate.



When you just can’t bear bald people around you.


23. Sciaphobia
It’s known as the fear of shadow.



24. Panophobia
When you literally just hate everything around you.



Well, ironically, it’s the fear of all the phobias

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