Do’s and Don’ts of Menstrual hygiene

Almost everywhere we see social norms or unwritten protocols and practices about how to manage  menstruation and tackle with the women who are menstruating. While you may find some of these helpful but others have serious adverse results. For instance, in some cultures, women and girls are asked not to take bathe or to touch the cow while menstruating as that might lead to their infertilisation. They’re prohibited from touching plants as the beliefs state, they will immediately droop or die. Many a times they’re refrained from entering any religious place which rather makes them feel boycotted and depressed.


Menstruation, a natural phenomenon is still surrounded  by various taboos, superstitions and socio-cultural restrictions that ends up into teenage girls being ignorant of the scientific facts,logic and hygienic health practices, which leads to the adverse health issues.


It is among one of the most vital processes of a woman’s body that needs to be taken utmost care of. Maintaining proper hygiene and incorporating right healthy, nutritious food in your diet can help subside the pain to a great extent. Here are the basics you”ll need to religiously follow in order to happily menstruate.


  1. With every 4-6 hours discard your old napkins.

    2.  While you Change your sanitary napkins or tampons after every 4-6 hours, it automatically becomes the cardinal rule to cleanse Vagina. Menstrual blood, after it releases from the body has the capability to attract different organisms from our bodies, that multiplies in the heat of the blood, which ultimately causes irritation, rashes, uterus infections or urinary tract infections. Changing your sanitary napkin or tampon every 4-6 hours regularly cuts down the growth of such organisms and avoid the infections.

    2. Proper cleansing

    A proper cleaning of the area around Vagina is a big Yes! As the bacteria and organisms gets stuck at some areas after you remove your napkin. Many women do clean themselves but not in a correct way.Consult a doctor and learn the key of proper cleaning.


  1. A big No! No! to soaps and vaginal cleansing products.  

Well, it’s a great thing to use vaginal products but the usage of these products during menses can turn the thing just the other way round.Vaginas release their own cleansing bacteria. Which gets activated during menses.The usage of such artificial products can hamper the natural healing and cleaning process and can result into rashes, infections low PH level etc.


4.Consider discarding the used napkins properly at a dumping place. It’s an essential step. Just wrap them properly before throwing them away, in order to stop the bacteria and infections from spreading apart. Just avoid flushing them, since that will cause blockage in your toilet causing the water to logg up,and the bacteria will get spread all over and around it. Keep in mind to wash your hand properly as you are more likely to touch the stained area with bacterias over it.

5. Just one method of Sanitation is enough.
using tampons and sanitary napkins, or two sanitary napkins at the same time during a heavy flow is definitely a great technique but it has some cons too. While makes you feel dry and also helps in prevention of the stained clothes, it can cause infections too. These techniques absorbs the blood fast that don’t let us feel the need to change the napkins more frequently. Thus, accumulated blood causes bacterial and infections around the vagina. So, it is much better to use one napkin at a time and discard it after every 4-6 hour.


Follow these cardinal menses rules and be a lady with a change !!


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