Some Inside Stories of Dating Apps

Love, affection is an emotion, a human need that we all wanna seek. Gone are the days when people used to meet their partners and fall in love right after their marriage. It’s time now where people meet their significant partners through their social circles, work, occasions etc. However, these are shallow ways that has resulted into people opting for lesser traditional methods.

Online dating with the use of our 24*7 internet buddy is nowadays really high. According to a  survey conducted in 2013, the figure is around 77% of people who confessed, they feel the need of keeping their smartphones with them at all times. With the increasing popularity of the various dating apps like Tinder the traditional method of match making has faded into oblivion.


Many of us prefer to rely on the  outsourcing our love-lives to the spreadsheets and algorithms. According to the new survey, more than 15% of adults confessed that they have preferred either mobile dating apps or an online dating site at least for once. Online dating services are now the most convenient a popular way to seek a partner.


Lies !!

Most people boast and lie on their profiles. Well, all of us want to appear appealing. It’s more convenient to get a date that way than being all honest and decrease the chances of getting one.


  1. Online relationship? Sex, is what all you need!!


While you might be looking for your significant other or a relationship.There’s high chance your date might have such stigma about these sights. Which turns the thing rather uglier and unsafe.


  1. Negotiating the scam-ternet

Internet is a big sucker of your money. With every useless schemes and ideas these sites charge an ounce of money and we, the love seekers falls prey to these vendors trying to seperate us from our pennies.


  1. Relationships don’t last

Recall yourself, how many people have you gone date with, whom you met online ? with every date and several profiles, your expectations increases that leaves you just craving for more and more resulting into frequent  relationship plunges.


  1. You become too choosy and judgmental
    Psychological experts found that constantly reviewing multiple profiles makes people more judgmental, and even a nearly-quite-perfect candidate makes them feel they can look for some more. Well, it’s quite easy to discard one after another dresses when you have got multiple to choose from. “Perfection” is all you become inclined towards which makes you rather more picky and choosy.


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