This is Where A Water Bottle Costs INR 5,000, Lunch INR 12,000 and Hotel INR 1,50,000 and The Riches are Dying to Travel There

For experience junkies, a laid back beach vacation or doing a destination is luxurious private islands. People want to make the most of their limited time, so water surfing, diving strolling around the beach and much more should definitely be in your travel agenda. Let’s take a look at some such islands that you won’t mind going all broke for.

1.Calivigny Island in Grenada
The calm and composed, sandy view of the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans on the calivigny islands is a must have experience at least once in a lifetime. For a two bedroom cottage the cost is minimum around (1,215,565). A bungalow or a 3 bedroom cottage will cost you around (6,200,455).

Things to look out for : with best class luxury, this resort is famous for its fast space and classic architects.
Sports : indulge into all kinds of water sports, tennis, beach food, classic wines and the best have some early morning vivacious jogs.

2. Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia
Bora bora is the fanciest Island you will ever see. A dream vacation place for all travel enthusiasts. Bungalows floating above the water, water surfing, snorkelling are some distinctive features you can relish here. Apparently, one of the most favourite destinations of celebrities Bora Bora costs around INR. (2500 – 77,000), which will be full paisa wasool once you visit this island.

Things to look out for:shop your heart out at the local boutiques, visit the nearby villages, dine at various restaurants, and don’t miss the thrilling water adventures!!

3.Mustique Island in West Indies
Probably the biggest playground for all the billionaires, this small island of Mustique putting up in the Vincent in the eastern Caribbean is full of rolling hills and full of life greenery. About 9 deserted sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine will naturally give you the best holiday goal.

Certainly the most affordable way to get the most out of Mustique, is from one of the 17 luxurious guest rooms, cottages, or suites for accomodation.

Things to do :
Rejuvenate yourself in the various spa. Take a stroll to the beach for lunch at the Cafe nearby beach. Conquer the ocean as it is your playground: scuba, snorkel, sail, or windsurf. Just go for it !

4.Cayo Espanto in Belize
Cayo Espanto is an island off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the approximately 450 islands of the Belize Barrier Reef. Administratively it is part of the Belize District. It is private property
Sitting on the picturesque Caribbean sea and forming a part of 450 islands of the Belize Barrier Reef, Cayo Espanto (meaning Horrible Island) is a private island owned by Jeff Gram. He has his own 5-Star, world-class resort on the island featuring a helipad, spa, gym and a driving base. The resort has five luxurious bungalows and is often visited by well-known celebrities.It is one of the favorite destinations for honeymooners and couples. The exclusive hideaway is a fine example of a boutique resort, created to suit the fine tastes of discerning travellers.

5. Laucala Island, Fiji.

It’s private island set on 35 hundred acres in the South- Pacific. The resort is a prime haven of natural beauty set amidst coconut plantation, sandy beaches turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains and breathtakingly natural beauty,experience true luxury in the privacy of the resort’s 25 villas as well as the freedom to experience a variety of activities, ranging from golf to water sports to beach side horsebacking ride and much more! The resort prides itself on an integral philosophy, incorporating elements of the entire island into each guest’s experience, and offering products and ingredients raised and grown on the island. Accomodation comprises 25 villas, with one, two or three bedroom configurations, and each features its own pool, lush tropical garden and spacious indoor and outdoor areas. Each villa comes with all food and beverages service included, chauffeur, nanny, housekeeping, Tao service, laundry and dry cleaning both welcome and farewell gifts.

Thus, these favourite destinations of the global elites are definitely expensive but a dream come true experience. See how luxury prevails even in the remotest of holiday destinations !

6.Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands

It’s actually Sir Richard Branson’s private home in the British Virgin Islands. This 74- acre island sits amidst the crystal clear blue water and is surrounded by coral reefs, beautiful white sand beaches. With the hospitality group of around 100 persons, it will cost you around £50,000 (INR 3,463,000) for a a stay.

7.Musha Cay in The Bahamas
Well, can you guess how much for one stay it costs around? If not ! here is the answer!! it’s $37, 500 (INR 2,433,375). This amazing island is worth your cash as the super scenic beauty here will blow your mind away.

Famous For: Being David Copperfield’s personal retreat.
Things To Do: Tennis, water sports, Nautilus Rib Catamaran if you wanna experience something unique and special.

8.Fregate Island in Seychelles

With private luxury resorts, seven beautiful beaches, and water sports including swimming, snorkeling, and deep sea diving etc.This island is a must visit place!! It costs around $3,422 to $4,985 (INR 2,22,055 to INR 3,23,475) a day. Go through the gorgeous landscape picture of Fregate till you check in for this gorgeous place.

Things To Do: Snorkelling, diving, cycling, hiking, canoeing, exploring the library, windsurfing, billiards, fishing, etc. are some of the umpteenth things to enjoy here.

9.Cocoa Island in Maldives

Amidst so many stunning gorgeous beaches in Maldives, Cocoa island is a treat to our eyes. The pristine sand beaches, amazing view, and a feeling you get when you are in the lap of nature will cost you around $750 (INR 48,670) for a night. An ideal place if you’ve been looking for a romantic gateway with your spouse.

Things To Do: Enjoy scuba diving, explore the aquatic marine life, or savour the beauty of nature.

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