What Our Grandparents Used to Teach Us and What’re Their Scientific Base

And Grandma’s all the myths has been finally debunked!! Well, all of us would agree these myths and protocols have really irritated us at some or the other point of our daily lives but we still had to continue as our granny left no stone unturned while hammering these myths into our mind right from our childhood. Thus, here are some of those granny’s myth, we have uncovered the scientific reasons of. Take a look !!


Don’t cut your nails at night.


In earlier days, after the sunset it used to be quite dark and the electricity was not very prompt in the rural areas. Thus, In order to avoid getting hurt in the absence of light people restricted themselves from cutting the nails at night.


Pause for a minute after you sneeze.


No broom groom in the evening

Earlier, people used to believe that while sweeping in the evening one could sweep away something important in the dark as it turned out to be quite dark after the dusk and the electricity was hardly available to then.


Bath after attending a funeral ceremony


In order to prevent catching infections from the deceased that is blown into the air when the body is burnt at the time of the funeral one should take a bath to get rid of all this.


Don’t step out during an eclipse


While you are out during an eclipse, there are high possibilities that the eclipse may cause harm to your eyes or loss of eyesight. So, it’s much better staying in.


Never drink water while you are standing.

Drinking water while standing can seriously harm our intestine and kidneys that can result into several intestinal and kidney related diseases.


Nimbu mirchi saves you from buri nazar


The fact behind granny’s this lesson is chilli and lemon purifies and protects from prevailing any kind of infections or bacterias in the environment with its fragrance and juice. Thus, it protects your home or shop from any kinda budding infestation.


Have some curd or sugar before heading out for a journey or something very important.


Remember how grandma made sure we don’t leave the house before eating a spoonful of curd and sugar, when we we used to have our exams or interviews. Well, the secret behind her trick has been debunked now. Curd and sugar helps one’s system remain cool and calm.Thus, it keeps you rejuvenated inside out all day


Toe rings


After I got married last year, I really hated wearing toe rings as it irritated me everytime I used to walk. But grandma insisted me and made sure I Wore them.Gradually now it has turned into a habit. The fact behind her this concern was that there is a particular nerve that straight away connects to the uterus and passes to our heart. Thus, when you wear a toe ring on this toe, it supports the uterus, keeps it healthy and ensures the regulation of blood flow to it. Moreover, a woman’s menstrual cycle is believed to become regular


Reasons why granny applies tilak om our forehead everyday.


A major nerve point in the human’s body is considered between the area of the two eyebrows. Applying tilak prevents the loss of energy, and helps to achieve various levels of concentration. While we press this middle point when applying tilak it facilitates blood supply to the facial muscles too.


Not sleeping with your head pointing north


Our human body has its magnetic area, while our Earth is a big magnet. When we tend to sleep with our head pointing north, our  body’s magnetic area turns asymmetrical to the Earth’s area that results into problems related to blood pressure as your heart would need to work really hard to overcome it.


Piercing ears

I still remember how one day grandma gave me a chocolate and made sure that I eat it. While I Had my first bite, the jeweller pierced my small tender earlobes with his sharp metal wire. I cried in pain and decided never to talk to grandma again. But now,  when I know the reality behind this myth I wanna flood her cheeks with tons of kisses. Ear piercing increases intellect and decision making quality in us. It also improves the health our intestine. Piercing the years also maintains healthy menstrual cycle in females. Wearing earrings also maintains the flow of energy in our body.




The basic reason behind any diseases is the accumulation of toxic material in our digestive system. Thus, there should be regular cleaning of these materials. When we observe a fast, we automatically give a rest to our digestive system and clean our organs thoroughly.


Applying headful of Sindoor


Sindoor a mixture of turmeric, lime and mercury has an intrinsic property of not only controlling the blood pressure but it activates the sexual drive too.


Well, lemme catch my dadi maaaaa now!!!!!


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